Providing Service to Help Youth Survive and Beat the Street

Sometimes a hot dog and a hug are all that stands between coping and complete despair. The street kids we serve desperately need help and Dans la rue is one of the very few organizations that provides this help. From food, shelter and healthcare all the way to accessing higher education, we try to provide services that nourish not only the bodies but also the minds, spirits and dreams of the kids we serve.

Frontline Services

These are the services like the Van, Chez Pops and the Bunker which provide a first point of contact for street kids, providing vital food, shelter and support. [More]

Intervention Programs

Our Intervention Programs focus on helping street kids to get healthy, get clean, identify new goals and pursue their dreams. Over the years we've developed a number of programs that enable kids to take that next step. [More]

Basic Services

To help kids make the transition from a precarious life on the streets to a stable and fulfilling life, DLR provides some of the basic necessities that are otherwise inaccessible to homeless kids. [More]

Prevention Programs

Like helping kids to beat the street, helping kids to keep from ending up on the street is an important component of the work we do at Dans la rue. [More]


Dans La rue’s intervention teams have performed 4,075 counselling sessions in the last 12 months.

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