The Dans la Rue Story

In the early years, Dans la rue developed because of the vision and tireless work of our founder, Father Emmett Johns (Pops). Over the years, more and more people recognized the importance of Pops mission and supported Dans la rue with their time and money. Dans la rue has grown into a multi-disciplinary team of skilled professionals and dedicated volunteers, all to help fulfill Pops' vision of helping kids survive the streets and get back on their feet.

  • 1988 — Father Emmett Johns buys a used Winnebago with a $10,000 personal loan to get help to the kids where they need it most, on the streets
  • 1989 — Board of directors of Dans la rue formed
  • 1990 — The first motorhome is replaced with a new Winnebago donated by Rotary Club. The motorhome becomes know as "the Van"
  • 1993 — The Bunker, Montreal's only overnight shelter for underage kids, opens
  • 1995 — The Bunker undergoes renovations
  • 1995Dans la rue acquires a truck to help collect donated food and clothing
  • 1995 — The Van is replaced with yet another second-hand motorhome
  • 1997 — The Chez Pops day centre where kids can come to have a hot meal, talk to counselors and take classes is opened
  • 1998 — Thanks to the generosity of Canadian Pacific, the organization is able to purchase a brand new custom-made motorhome (van)
  • 2000 — Gaz Metropolitain generously donates a brand new truck for food and furniture pick up
  • 2001 — The Day Centre needs more space. The Dans la rue administration office moves to a new free location - courtesy of CN
  • 2002 — The Bunker launches a day program for minors
  • 2002 — Opening of Friperie Frip à Froc, a thrift shop run by youths trained and supervised by Dans la rue
  • 2003Dans la rue purchases the "Bunker" building from the City of Montreal and proceeds with major renovations
  • 2004 — After the withdrawal of necessary funding, Dans la rue has to close Frip à Froc Dans la rue's second hand clothing store closes
  • 2005 — Another brand new customized Van for Dans la rue, thanks to the generosity of Convexpert, Ultramar, Le Groupe Jean Coutu, National Bank, RBC Group, Rona, the Taste of the Nation event, and other anonymous donors
  • 2005Dans la rue creates the "From the Streets to the Stars" culinary event as a way to get closer to its supporters and publicize Dans la rue's mission
  • 2008Dans la rue turns 20 !

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